Rottnest Magic!

Long Reach Sunrise High LR to Jordie High LR Sunrise High East Pinkies Yacht Aerial Yachts Zookepper Sunrise

Another classic weekend at Rottnest this weekend.

Some fresh crayfish, whiting…some diving, photography and even a little drone flying!

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7 Responses to Rottnest Magic!

  1. Thomas says:

    Beautiful shots Mark love the colors.

    Haven’t been to Rottnest for a very long time.

    Love your work.

    Tom Taylor

  2. Peter Randell says:

    Shot 4 should go straight to the poolroom, Mark! Spectacular water colours remind me of my childhood around Point Peron, and my earliest snorkel experiences.Is that a polariser on the front?
    Keep it up and don’t be disillusioned by the odd ‘ unsubscribe.’

  3. Matthew Inman says:

    I liked #5, I really do like the aerial shots, probably comes from my photogrammetric background. Just out of interest what do you use to get them, I know you’ve got a drone, but what sort of set up do you use?

  4. Matthew Inman says:

    Cool, I’ll check them out and talk to Saul. One of these days I will actually go out to Rotto, probably in the winter.