I was down at Rod Busher’s yard today shooting the wing for the super yacht and saw these anchors next door.

As there was a fence in the way, I quickly put the drone up and managed to capture this image….pretty much what I had in mind.

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5 Responses to Anchors!

  1. Matthew Inman says:

    Looks a bit like a graveyard to me. A bit like a WW1 cemetery, sort of all lined up. Feel a little sorry for the boats.

    • Interesting take on the shot Matt…the reality is that there are no boats involved at all with these anchors as they are probably more likely to old working barges in place and the like for the oil and gas industry.

      But as the industry is in down turn at the moment, the anchors are just sitting being stored and waiting for a job to come along!

  2. Matthew Inman says:

    Hey, ant chance of seeing the new ‘Super Yacht’, I take it the wing is for the keel?