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The Ring Arrow Last night I joined the very talented and passionate Oly Oldroyd, who is one of the on board photographers on True North.

He has embarked on a mission to enter a video completion to showcase Fremantle and Oly has chosen to feature his flatmate Shakey, who is a Fremantle artist.

There is a pop up bar currently operating on the top of the Queensgate carpark in Fremantle and Oly came up with the idea of getting Shakey to do a painting of Bon Scott live in the very cool surroundings on the rooftop bar, where he had video captures, drone footage, timeless and stills.

I very much enjoyed this little excursion and  found all the creative energy very inspiring.

I will share Oly’s video when it is done and I am sure you will all be impressed with the outcome.

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4 Responses to Roof Top Creativity

  1. Kaz says:

    I need to see this Markie Mark!!!

  2. Kym Gow says:

    Well done Shakey and thank you Markie Mark for supporting them. I shall watch this space!