Point Walter Sunset and Phantom 4 review

Point Walter SS

I took the drone for a fly last night mainly to get both familiar and comfortable with the smart settings like visual tracking and touch fly and also straight line flight.

A couple were walking out on the spit which gave me the perfect opportunity to use them as a tagging point and the feature worked very well.

As I left the machine to its own devices, it simply stayed at the same distance away as when I touched the go button and then when I decided togo higher and swing around more to the side, the camera stayed perfectly positioned on the subject as the promotional material you read and view suggests it will.

I then tagged myself as a fly to point to come back to on the screen and sure enough it flew in a very straight line back to me. I see this feature being very handy if you want to do a run down a road or something that is straight without risking a manual flight that sometimes tend to be not perfectly straight.

There is another feature in the intelligent sweet that also allows to select straight flight, which also seemed to work pretty well.

All in all, pretty impressed with the intelligent features of the Phantom 4 and also the fact that all these features are in GPS mode, whereas in the 3 you had to click out of GPS mode to do a point of interest fly.

One little hint I can offer. Whilst away, I tried to use the tag fly function without watching the beginner tutorial that comes up and thought that to tag was to touch and could not make it work. The trick is to touch next to the subject and drag a square around the subject, then it will lock on and give you a green button to trigger on screen.

A trap for young players you could say!

I hope you like the brief review above and I will share more thoughts as time permits to explore the features of the Phantom 4.

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