Early Atacama Dunes

Sand Dune Early Blues

I was one of the early birds within the team on this morning as it was quite cold…around -7 from memory.

Whilst the rest of the team were snuggled back in the cars I was after the early morning steely blues that I thought might come out and was also keen on capturing the ‘flying saucer’ over the distant dune.

I am pleased i did head out early as I came away with what I was hoping to…which doesn’t always happen.

A little after I shot this image, I flew the drone and the DJI app was screaming at me the whole time that the battery was too cold….so it was crisp for sure!

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2 Responses to Early Atacama Dunes

  1. Kym Gow says:

    Sure glad you braved the chill for our benefits of viewing this Markie Mark. Nice shot with the unusual cloud formation!