Around the world Balloon Attempt Photos


Balloon Sunrise St

Balloon Pre SR Balloon Night Zoom Solo Balloon Balloon Sun Trees Twin Balloons Sunburst Balloon Ballon Glow Russia Balloon I decided to head out early this morning to capture the around the world balloon attempt taking off from Northam.

I set out at 0330 and made pretty good time to Northam, getting there in under 2 hours and had plenty of time to check things out and to get some night shots.

There were plenty of onlookers and a lot of excitement, with perfect conditions for the launch.

3 of the local Balloons set off just before the Russian balloon which added to the spectacle.

A beautiful way to start the day!

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6 Responses to Around the world Balloon Attempt Photos

  1. Kym Gow says:

    Wow and Wow – These are magnificent Markie Mark. No doubt about you…should of guessed you wouldn’t too far away from the action! Good on ya:)

  2. Jeff simcck says:

    Your passion shows up again and again Mark! Getting up at that ungodly hour was well worth it for sure!! Says me tucked up warm and sound asleep!! Cheers mate!

  3. Clive Addison says:

    Impressive images Mark.
    Thanks for bringing world news direct to our screens in such spectacular reality.?
    Time for a hot coffee☕️