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I had a fantastic day out yesterday, albeit somewhat long and arduous!

The weekend started with a run down to Margaret River to catch up with old friends for a meal and then a trip down memory lane to see Peter Garret perform at the Margaret River Tavern.

I then set out East to chase the landing of the around the world balloon attempt landing by Fedor Konyukhov and ended up staying the night in the car at Nanup…a bit cool to say the least!

I woke at 0500 on Saturday morning and a quick check of the app told me he was heading further North than previously thought, so then it was a race back up to Northam where the epic journey had started only 11 days ago. That is now an official record knocking an incredible 2 days off Steve Fossit’s record!!!

At around 1300 Fedor flew almost directly over the top of Northam airfield where I had watched him take off at Sunrise 2 Tuesdays prior.

Such an incredible feat to fly all around the world, non stop and only working with the various winds available to you and then to get back to within metres of where he started is really something else.

Then the chase was on. I had my mate Ray in the Channel 7 heli keeping me up to date and another friend David and his family were on the mission behind me.

Following the Flight radar 24 app showed us his track, speed and altitude and after driving for 4 hours we ended up in a paddock North of Muckinbudin, just in time to watch history being made.

I have some awesome drone footage and on the ground vision as well which was picked up by the Channel 9 crew who had had a bad day and totally missed the landing due to some bad calls in the planning I think, so I helped them out and it should be aired sometime today I think.

I will, of course do my own edit as time permits.

I was a day in total I clocked up 15 hours of driving from Friday evening, so a big task, but I got the gold and also, more importantly was there to witness a very historical event.

I hope you enjoy the story and the picks…more to come!

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6 Responses to Around the world Balloon Record

  1. Clive Addison says:

    Mark, your tracking ability to be in the right place at the right time, is remarkable.
    And the drone images you’ve captured are brilliant.
    “Ground control to Major Mark”.
    You’ve brought us all right to target.
    Thanks a million.

  2. Vanessa Spurr says:

    Definitely an afternoon to remember Mark. We had so much fun chasing Fedor.
    The shots are great & it was lovely to meet you.
    Thanks for link to your blog.
    Vanessa & Amelia

  3. Kym Gow says:

    How special is this Markie Mark. Thank you for sharing such an amazing piece of history in the making. Wow it is epic to say the least!