Super Yacht refits

anya-on-slip-nikon anya-on-slip-fwd anya-on-slip-aft


Our boys successfully slipped a Super Yacht I was involved in the construction of a few years ago this morning.

The yacht is called Anya and is a 36m Cat built by Evolution Yachts.

She is coming up for her annual survey and to repair a big gouge caused by a sailing yacht dragging their anchor last year.

The straight down shot shows very well the scale of the 36m Anya against our new 46m Charley!

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4 Responses to Super Yacht refits

  1. Kym Gow says:

    Anya looks stunning but Charley is supreme?Really interesting views Markie Mark ?

  2. GLENN FRENCH says:

    I worked on the extension to the dive boards and wave peircer under the wet deck a longer wider forefoot was added and the new shell plates joining the bigger forefoot where glued on with some high tech glue