Shadow Vessel Complete and ready for hand over

Our Fibreglass Shadow vessel is now totally complete and ready for the client to pick it up in the early new year with a cruise up our wonderful West Coast.

Neal Pritchard and I spent a couple of hours shooting the interiors last night and we will be doing that again with a larger team on the 4th, which is when I will be doing aerials of the vessel underway.

The Owner is over the moon with his new vessel, as are the crew, so a big hats off to the Echo team who produced such a fine vessel for us.

This is a true testament of the ‘Can Do’ attitude our industry has grown up with over the years and also a testament to our ability to tackle one off projects.

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4 Responses to Shadow Vessel Complete and ready for hand over

  1. Kym Gow says:

    Absolutely sensational Markie Mark!

  2. Rick Matson says:

    Yourself an team has done us proud Mark, hats off to all that contributed to this world class vessel , ” Simply the best ” , you have certainly produced a Top Shelf example of the best combined skills in the world, salute ‘