The World’s Ugliest Boat!

I was driving back from the gym this morning and saw this boat made from panels of welded plastic sitting on a mooring which (in my opinion) would have to be up there as the world’s ugliest boat.

There is not one straight panel or any resemblance to a design, but hey someone loves it eh!

I think it just has one outboard on the back and you often see it beach on the river banks around Bicton and East Freo.

I had to stop and get the shot!

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4 Responses to The World’s Ugliest Boat!

  1. Dave Morse says:

    Swan River Superyacht …love it. ?

  2. Kym Gow says:

    It sure is ugly and a nuisance. It parked out the front of our complex for several weeks a couple of years ago. We had to call the authorities to step in and get it moved. It had even broke its anchor and washed up for a bit. I had hoped it had sunk by now! Don’t encourage them Markie Mark…not nice people!!