Lake Clifton’s Thrombolites

We headed back from Dunsborough very early this morning and as I approached Lake Clifton I saw the conditions were clearing up to make way for a cool shoot at Lake Clifton.

A quick diversion past the site of some of the worlds oldest living organisms, the Thrombolites paid dividends with perfect conditions.

These 3 shots are the results!

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4 Responses to Lake Clifton’s Thrombolites

  1. Faye Ottley says:

    Nearly as good as mine Mark! You gave me lessons in photography right there on the boardwalk a few years ago. Have loved the postings on your blog ever since. Thanks & cheers. ???

    • Good morning Faye! Yes I remember our chance meeting down there a few years ago and very much appreciated you following my posts since then and the kind words! Have a great day! ?

  2. Clive Addison says:

    Views we would never normally experience Mark. Thanks for sharing.