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White Rabbit wins judges Commendation at World Super Yacht Awards

I am pleased to announce that Echo Yachts and Teams One 2 Three Naval Architects and team Sam Sorgiovanni received a judges commendation award in the above 2,000 GT category this evening at the #BoatInternational #WorldSuperYachtAwardsNice work to all the … Continue reading

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A day in the country with the World Super Yacht awards

We had a fabulous day out in London today thanks to the organisers of the #WorldSuperYachtawards.We started out at 1100 on the luxury Pullman twin and headed out to Kent and back from Victoria station with some great company and … Continue reading

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London Aerial

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More images from Monaco

Here are a few images of the Palace area in Monaco. Great to see traditions carried on and how well maintained the Palace is.

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Monaco Sunrise

This was the view from our window at sunrise this morning.They sure know how to put gardens together in these parts!

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Monaco Walk Around

A couple of shots of Monaco this afternoon. Went for a bit of a walk to clear the jet lag.

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Kimberley Layers

I love this part of the Kimberley as it shows how the immense pressures which have come up from below have shaped the various layers in the red sand stone. That coupled with the intense colour that is so Kimberley!

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Montgomery Reef North

This image shows the expanse of the Montgomery Reef. At high tide you can’t see the reef at all!

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King George Falls

Here’s another gem from King George Falls.

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Keppel Marina

  Here are a few more shots from around the Keppel marina. The night shot is of a classic old explorer Yacht called Sea Wolf coming into dock next to Charley and you can see the straight down view as … Continue reading

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