Elton John Farewell Concert

Lee and I went to the Elton John Farewell concert last night.

What a fabulous evening! Elton is still able to put on an amazing performance with a fantastic experienced team of old rockers!

The mixing and quality of the sound was as good as I have ever heard it. As someone who suffers from Tinitus I find that badly mixed performances just become noise to me and I end up leaving, but the sound last night was incredible.

Couple the above to a sensational stage set up and visuals and the usual flamboyant Elton John choreography then you really do have a show.

What a way to finish a career and to be remembered as a rock star who was great till the final performance and not to be remembered as a has been.

They played for 3 hours straight and finished off with Yellow Brick road.

The lead guitarist was relatively new to the band and came recommended as an acoustic guitarist and had only recently picked up an electric guitar, but man oh man did he work those strings!

The drummers and the rest of the band were all at the top of their games was well.

I would rate that concert as up there with the top 4 I have ever seen, together with Michael Jackson, The Eagles and Adele.

Nice work Elton and band…a real pleasure to watch.

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Village Life

I have called this image Island Life and so typical of what you see in the tranquil lifestyle of PNG villages.
I was 2km away on True North when I flew my Mavic Pro 2 here to capture this image, having cruised past the village earlier in a tender.
What a pristine location and lifestyle!

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Foggy Wheatbelt Sunrise

A foggy early morning Sunrise in the Wheatbelt.

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PNG Coral Gardens

Here’s a few colourful coral garden pics from my recent True North adventure in PNG.

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My PNG, Sepik True North Adventure for this year

Here is a short video showing the wonders of the Sepik River and PNG we had over the last 10 days on True North.

A fabulous trip with wonderful people.

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Last day in PNG for this year

Last day in PNG for this year today.
Another great trip with the awesome True North crew and a fabulous group of guests.

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Tufi Ceremonies

Last day on board True North today and fly back tomorrow.
A couple of days ago we were at Tufi which is well known for its diving and we were fortunate enough to be there for their National Day celebrations.
Everyone from around the region paddled in in their dug outs to see the event.
Georgia looked very smart in one of the traditional head dresses.

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Lucernque perfection

Here are some more images from the stunning Lucernque Islands area where we spent the day yesterday.
The wreck dive was so good we did it twice and then the sunset drinks on the white sandy beach under the palm trees watching one of the locals show how to start a fire in the traditional way and then smoke the fish we shared with him.

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Lucernque Wreck Dive

Here’s a few from this morning’s wreck dive.
We believe it was a bulk carrier that fell foul of the numerous shallow reefs that surround this area.
Stunning light with it being a little overcast up top so the video lights and strobes worked a treat!

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New Dive Sites for True North in PNG

A great day diving today at 2 new locations. The middle dive was on a deep wall with heaps of fish life and clarity.
The last dive was on the outskirts of a black volcanic island where there had been numerous rock falls into the water recently which made for an interesting vista below.

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