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Starfish Abstract

              Here is an image that will change the setting and the mood a little…still showing off the water clarity of PNG waters. These cute little star fish were in abundance when we got … Continue reading

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Rabaul Volcano Compilation

        When i was going through my RAW files of the Rabaul Volcano it occurred to me that these 3 shots would look good together…I think they do…hope you like the composition!

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Rabaul Volcano action

                                    Yesterday, Flemming Bo Jensen, Greggy Munyard and I went off on a wonderful adventure to the Rabaul Volcano site. After seeing it … Continue reading

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Cable Beach Moonset

Not sure about this one, but my wife likes it so it must be OK! I took this the morning we were going to leave on True North for the Rowleys just before sunrise on Cable Beach. The tide was … Continue reading

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Caribbean Sunset

I spent some time with John and his family in Tobago over the weekend (the guy I met on the plane in) and was treated to a wonderful BBQ in the evening and lunch on the Sunday. This was I … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountains

Another shot pinged off on the way into LAX. Looking down onto the Rocky’s and all of the cool colours and textures.

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Lake Ballard Statue

You have probably had enough of these statues between mine and Christian’s blog, but I particularly like this one as a closing statue shot from the trip. Taken with the Canon 17mm tilt shift at F4 in the middle of … Continue reading

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Coolgardie RSL

We had a bit of fun on the way home shooting cool old buildings and I had it down pat after a while where I would have my 28-300 on motor drive and get a 3 or 4 shot stitch … Continue reading

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Retort to the Man!!!

Well here it is little buddy…..let me know what you think!

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Kalgoorlie Gold Mine

Both Christian and Dave Bettini have posted shots of the Gold Mine so I thought it was about time I put up my version…well here it is!

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