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Iceland outlook

Here is a somewhat higher look of the view on top of one of their mountains down in the Southern part of the Island.

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Ice Lagoon Iceland!

I was asked today if I had any Ice panos, so I went back through my Iceland panos and worked this one up….not too bad me thinks! 🙂

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Icelandic Flock

I nice little scene taken near where I shot yesterday’s post. The contrast of the vividly white geese against the colourful Icelandic backdrop made fro a nice composition I thought.

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Glacier Colours

This is another take on a previous version of the Glacier colours. I think i actually prefer this one as the reflections are far more dramatic. How is the colour pallet in this image!

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Iceland Sheep Shed

Here’s one for Merv and Pete…Sheep shed…Iceland style! 🙂

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Iceland Light

This evenings image is one that I found from my Iceland trip that I think typifies the ever changing moods of the weather of Iceland…light and dark and so many variants of that!

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More Iceland images

Here is a bit of a cross section of other different images from Iceland, featuring a typical Iceland horse portrait, a lava field river and a black beach sand texture. Hope you like them!

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Whilst in Iceland recently we visited an area of an old Viking village and some of the lads I was travelling with did not want to ‘stay and play’, so i was dropped off for a while to explore. Although … Continue reading

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Past the use by date!

A tired old dinghy that has now long been forgotten, where time has now passed it by. More and more the dinghy will go from being a boat, to fading back into the landscape. I tried to show that process … Continue reading

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The Peak, Iceland

I think one of the more lasting memories I have of Iceland is just how many of these ‘Lone’ pinnacle mountains there are scattered all over Iceland. I guess at some stage they were all Volcanoes. For sure that make … Continue reading

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