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Lone Tree at the Stirling Ranges

I haven’t posted a lone tree for a while, so thought I would put this up. Shot down near the Stirling Ranges last year. The tree itself is tack sharp and has an interesting limb leaning up against it!

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The Different Moods of Bluff Knoll

Last night I posted a sunrise shot of Bluff Knoll. How different are these shots, which shows just how different the moods can be down there. You could literally spend half a day there in the right conditions and come … Continue reading

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Bluff Knoll Sunrise

I went down to the Stirling Ranges on the weekend with Greg Ratajczak and managed to time things pretty dam well! Yesterday we did the climb to the top and made it to the half way lookout at sunrise…tick…and then … Continue reading

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Sunrise at Stirling Ranges

Another image from the Stirling Ranges last year at sunrise.

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The Lily Windmill, Stirling Ranges

This is a shot of an ‘authentic replica’ of a 16th century dutch windmill which is located just out from the stirling ranges, which you can see in the background. It is apparently the only working windmill in Australia

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Sunrise at Stirling Ranges

As per the night before, the sunrise at the Stirling Ranges still have very little cloud cover, but just enough to make this perspective interesting with the soft colours of the early morning glow.

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