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Classic Jetty Sunrise

Another take on the Esperance Jetty Sunrise.

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Ever stood on the edge of the world an simply pondered for a while. Well on this occasion on a True North heli sunrise champaign breakfast, I caught one of our guests doing just that. Standing on the edge of … Continue reading

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Sunrise glow with the mighty True North!

Just one more post for this evening on the same theme as the previous with a stern view of the mighty True North just as the sun kisses the horizon.

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Sunrise colours at the Rowley Shoals

I had a need to go through some Rowley Shoals shots today and found this one lurking. A good example of sunrise colours in amongst the calmest sunrise I have ever seen I think. If I remember correctly I was … Continue reading

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Anzac day sunrise at Porpoise Bay Rottnest

ANZAC day was the only calm day at Rottnest that warranted a sunrise shoot…well for some anyway as Flembot chose to catch up on some beauty sleep! A morning person he is not! This was the first shot of the … Continue reading

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Anzac Day Sunrise at Rottnest

Finally we have a beautiful day here at Rottnest Island after 3 days of Northerly’s! We had a beautiful sunrise this morning as the sun rose for Anzac day at Rottnest Island.

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Swift Bay at Sunrise

This is the same area where I shot Flemming from down in a cave. It is just after sunrise and you can see Dave and Flemming looking for inspiration. I think we all struggled a bit on this morning, but … Continue reading

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Drysdale River Sunrise

I am not quite sure about this one. It is a simple composition and the colours are cool and soothing…but not sure all the same! On this morning I woke the lads as I thought the sunrise was shaping up, … Continue reading

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Luscernque Island Sunrise

            We are now back in PNG…amazing how this blog can take you from a full on commercial scene one day and then off to a tropical paradise the next eh! This shot was taken … Continue reading

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Longreach Sunrise

                    How are the clouds in this shot. It was a very inspiring morning to be out and about even if we did have to get up at 0430 to see … Continue reading

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