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Birdlife at Wellington Point QLD

Another couple of images from the very calm waters of Wellington Point in Brisbane yesterday.

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Happy New Year for 2011

Graham Leggette made comment a while ago that he rated this Orangutang shot of mine as one of the better shots of 2010, so I thought I would post it as a happy new year image to both celebrate the … Continue reading

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Longreach Baby Dolphin

                    There are not too many places on this planet where you could see a baby dolphin doing a tail slap within a few feet of the beach! Mother and baby … Continue reading

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Rottnest Crested Tern

              You can see these little Crested Terns all around Long Reach and they are really friendly little tackers. They love to pose for the camera and they don’t seem to mind if you … Continue reading

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Manta Ray Rowley Shoals

What a day! Kicked off with that stunning sunrise with absolutely dead calm water and then off for the morning snorkel when we found this very playfull Manta Ray. He was not camera shy at all and when he lost … Continue reading

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Bollard Colour

Here’s one for Davey Boy! I would like to here the name of said little tacker mate! I thought this little bit of colour really added to the rustic bollard look!

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The colours of Feathers

My Mate Phil pointed this one out to me…how’s the colours in this little guy’s back!

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You feed…I’ll Watch!

Well, I know what these are called! Some sort of Spoonbill, I believe…Dave…need your input here again! See what you missed out on mate! You would have been in your element! Not sure how the 600 would have gone in … Continue reading

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Canning River Colour Highlights

Another image from todays excursion up the creek…fortunately with  paddle! Dave…Bird name please!

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Pelican Brake!!!

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